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Hemp Hearts

Raw hemp seeds that have been through the dehulling process, removing the outer shell.

Smooth Nutty Flavour

Golden Hemp Seed Oil

Extra virgin oil is extracted from the raw hemp seed by cold pressing it from the dehulled seeds of the hemp plant.

Dehulled Before Pressing

Golden Hemp Protein Powder

Derived by finely milling the dehulled hemp seed after pressing the oil from it.

Smooth Texture

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Traceable North Canterbury Hemp Products

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The Gold Standard

Our “Golden” Oil and Protein names come from the appearance of these products derived from our specially designed processing techniques. We remove the outer shell of the hemp seed for all of our products which has benefits compared to processing whole hemp seeds due to:

More neutral tasting oil
Higher protein percentage
Smoother protein texture & solubility
Meeting regulations for more overseas markets
Our Products
Premium Crop

What our clients have to say

"We have been working with Mainland Hemp since they began, and as a result we both have developed and grown together. They have delivered on not only a premium organic hemp seed oil but on their promise of traceability and transparency.

As an organic skincare company looking to treat chronic, inflammatory skin conditions, understanding where the key ingredient comes from is critical. It must be of the highest grade so we can get the consistent results our product need to deliver."
Aleshia Johnson
"Once Mainland came out with their golden high % protein powder, it gave us the competitive advantage we needed. No other hemp company in New Zealand can produce this protein powder currently and its solubility and flavour is far superior to any other we have tried.

To be able to have access to this product so early has meant we are getting consistently positive product reviews and comments and the market has recognised Ritual & Rise as the best New Zealand plant protein powder on the market. There are currently no other plant protein powders with 60% plus protein content out of Australia and New Zealand."
Hagen Schulte
Ritual & Rise
"From the start we needed to ensure that we could get consistent supply of a premium hemp ingredient for our range, not only this but we needed to trust the source of our ingredients.

Being able to tell the paddock to plate story, alongside producing these premium hemp ingredients under the Southern Alps in New Zealand has meant we can attract potential export markets as we consistently hear about the New Zealand story these markets are looking for.

With our range growing we have no doubt that Mainland can keep up with supply and quality and we look forward to growing with them as New Zealand hemp legislation changes."
Michael Burnett
Brothers Green

Mainland In The Press

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