Our Growers

Family Owned

Our Growers are at the heart of everything we do. All our hemp comes from family-owned farms that take pride in producing food of the highest standard. The farms are presented beautifully and our growers are honest and genuine people that we love working alongside.

Cherished Partnerships

We cherish the partnership we have with our growers and the land. We place a high importance on producing hemp products that are not only healthy for our customers but also for the environment in which they are grown.

Hemp has positive environmental impacts due to the plants ability to sequester a large amount of carbon and undergo bioremediation of soils. Mainland Hemp’sworks with our growers to get the best hemp crops that meet our specifications.

High Traceability

Due to our batch processing and recording system we can trace all our products back to the specific farm that the hemp seed was grown.

We believe that knowing where your food comes from creates trust in the product and establishes a link between people and the land.

Our growers are all based in the Canterbury region, New Zealand.

Our expertise combined with your business vision is a recipe for success

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