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Early Adopters

On the 12th November 2018, New Zealand Law changed. This change brought about the legalisation of hemp seed to be sold for human consumption and a huge new opportunity for farmers, food and healthcare producers alike.

An Emerging Market

Mainland Hemp was established early in 2019 to grow and process hemp seed to meet emerging hemp company requirements with the first crop harvested in March 2020. Our team was formed with a bunch of likeminded individuals with a passion for agriculture and high-quality New Zealand food production.

With very little hemp processing capability existing in the South Island, we had a goal of making growing hemp accessible to more farmers and providing this hemp to the world.

From Paddock To Shelf

With a common goal and diverse skillsets, the Mainland Hemp team is proud to now be processing hemp from paddock to shelf for some of the leading New Zealand and international companies alike.

The Brothers Green (Health Food), Kōaka (Natural Skincare) and Ritual & Rise (Plant Based Supplements) are three of the leading New Zealand brands utilising our hemp seed derived ingredients.

Strong Relationships

We enjoy building strong relationships and working closely with both our farmers and our customers to ensure the products make a smooth transition from the paddock to the shelf.

We strive to be better for the health of our people and our planet. We pride ourselves on producing hemp products of the highest quality with full traceability back to our growers.

Our Team

Jamie Engelbrecht

General Manager

Sam Smith

Chief Engineer & Production Manager

Brad Lake

Sales Director

Ben Crawford


Dave Pringle

Grower Relations

Brendon McIntosh

Clinical Advisor

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